Here’s Why BTS Jimin’s Solo Track “Filter” Is The Ultimate Thirst Trap For ARMYs

“Girl, you have your chance. I can be your Genie.”

In a recent interview with Spotify, BTS‘s Jimin revealed that he “is the one who came up with the concept” for his super catchy solo, “Filter”, featured as the 8th track on the group’s new album Map of the Soul: 7.

He claimed that “Filter” sheds light on how he, as a performer, “[wants] to present [himself] to the world in many different ways.” While that sounds exactly like the versatile and professional idol Jimin fans know and love…

… ARMYs are actually swooning over the dangerously sexy lyrics that Jimin sings in the track. Jimin’s “Filter” has the fans feeling thirsty AF, because he really takes a stab at ARMYs’ hopes and desires with some daring lyrics. He teases, “Girl, you have your chance. I can be your Genie. How about Aladdin? I can be whatever.” Then he suggests, “Mix up the color palette and pick your filter, which version of me do you want?”

The term “Palette” actually derives directly from the “Almighty Palette” (광개토팔레트) nickname that ARMYs gave him, for his ability to look good in all hair and make-up colors. So in other words, Jimin is inviting the fans to customize him in any way they wish — because he can, and will, pull it off all the same. And this very “I know what you want, but I will let you choose” kind of vibe from the track is leaving ARMYs on an unescapable replay-fest.

Later in the song, Jimin also sings, “Look how I’m like a kid all of a sudden. The more you look, the cuter I get.” This stems from the idea that Jimin comes with an unrivaled “duality” that often drives fans to be obsessed. And as long as ARMYs have been battling among themselves whether Jimin is naturally “cute with a side of sexy”…

… or a “sexy with a side of cute”…

… Jimin may have ended that entire battle with a single sentiment of “I transcend all preferences and standards, you’ll want me only.” ARMYs can not get enough of this provocative serenade — especially because it shows that Jimin really knows how to keep his fans 200% satisfied.

The hopelessly thirst-trapped ARMYs are playing the seductive track on repeat, as Jimin continues to lure them with his endless “filter” options. Along with the album, the track is reaching new peaks:

Finally, ARMYs are bracing themselves for an actual stage performance of the song. Once the choreography drops, “Filter” will undoubtedly become one of the most flirtatious songs to exist on the face of this planet.

Listen to the track here:

Source: THEQOO