BTS’s Jimin Shares Details About New Album Preparations … Thinks The Songs He Wrote Won’t Do Well

Someone should tell him his songs will slay!

On the 16th of June 2020, Jimin took to BTS‘s official YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, to set up a live stream. The adorable member greeted fans with a bareface and natural, unstyled hair hidden with a cap.

He revealed to Armys watching, that he was focusing on preparing for a new album. He went on to say that he has taken on the role of “Music PM” (Project Manager) for the new album.

“Recently, we all have been gathering to discuss about making the new album. I came here today because I wanted to let you guys know about the level of progress thus far,” Jimin explained. “That time, we had a conversation about around what topic we wanted to make it, and how certain ideas and topics were as well. Up to two days ago, we gathered together the songs we had worked on together, after the individual members and company songwriters had worked on some melodies, songs and lyrics.”

“The members sent me a lot (of stuff) and since I am the PM anyway, I gathered the songs the members worked on, and sent them to the company. The members have really worked on a lot of things.” Jimin also revealed, “I’ve worked on two to three songs and sent them to the company, but I think that the ones I made, won’t do well. Because the members have made lots of really good music and sent them over. But the process of working on music was really fun. I thought of it as studying. I tried sitting alone in the studio until 4am, writing lyrics and making melodies.”

Jimin shared with fans, “I’ve also been having a good time practicing singing. While trying things here and there, I’ve tried making songs that are exciting, so the songs I’ve sent over are like that.”

The petite fairy wrapped up the explanation saying, “That’s the situation now. If I were to conclude, we’ve been deciding on the album concepts amongst ourselves, and discussed the themes we want to try, as well as made songs around that theme and gathered them together.”

While BTS is dropping their full length Japanese album in July, they’ve yet to tease any details on their new Korean album. However, Jin did sneakily drop a line about a new album, perhaps in October, although nothing has been confirmed.