Here’s How The BTS Members Each Overcome Difficult Times — And They’re Actually Complete Opposites

They’re so different from each other!

Going on their 10th year since debut, the BTS members have been through it all. As they experience the highs and lows of their legendary journey, each member has their own unique story to share.

Their differences in each of their outlooks stood out when they shared their advice for overcoming hardships. Jimin revealed his solution that confused many of the members at first.

I think the way to overcome a slump, you just need to go somewhere cold.

— Jimin

Sharing a story of when he was going through a hard time and happened to be stuck in the cold weather for a few hours, it made him clear his mind. Though it may sound silly, his advice can be applied to doing anything physical that makes you forget your troubles.

J-Hope, however, had a completely different take on the subject. The members admired him for his strength since his answer is not easy for many people to do.

On the contrary, I would try to defeat the slump.

— J-Hope

As a direct man who faces his problems head-on, he reveals that he would do even more to combat the slump. For example, if he felt like his skills were lacking, he would practice twice as hard. J-Hope is known for his stable and strong mindset that allows him to conquer hardships directly.

Suga has another point of view on the subject. Though it’s not an immediate way to overcome his struggles, he knows that “time heals everything” and eventually his problems will fade away.

Everyone has their own way to get through a difficult time, but in the end, what really matters is that they pushed through and were able to continue with a positive mindset.