BTS’s Jimin Shows Off His Stylish New Ear Piercing During Live Broadcast

“Remember last week when I talked about maybe getting my ears pierced…?”

During a pleasantly surprising live broadcast, BTS‘s Jimin showed off his brand new, stylish ear piercings!


Jimin explained that in a previous live broadcast, he spoke of thinking about getting some additional ear piercings…

Oh, and guys, remember last week when I talked about maybe getting my ears pierced…?

— Jimin


… and he wanted to share with his fans that he ended up going through with that decision!

That was done. Look at this cute new piercing here!

— Jimin


Jimin shared that he made use of a little spare time he had left, convinced his manager to take him to the piercing parlor, and voila! It was a done deal.

I think it was last week… or this week? I had a day when all my schedules were done early. I got in the car with my manager-hyung. I asked, ‘Hyung, should I get my ears pierced?’ and he said, ‘Let’s go!’ So we went right away and that was that.

— Jimin


Now Jimin has two piercings on both of his ears. He looked thoroughly satisfied with his stylish decision — and ARMYs are all for it!

Look, my right and left ears are matching now!

— Jimin


Here’s Jimin looking fabulous AF:

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