Here’s What K-Netizens Think Of BTS Jimin’s Increasing Number Of Tattoos

“He seriously has a lot…”

Throughout the years, BTS‘s Jimin has revealed a variety of stunning, meaningful tattoos all over his body.

Some of his tattoos stem from BTS’s iconic era of “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: HYYH.” Jimin honored this in various ways, including his “Youth” tattoo he got shortly before the release of “For Youth.” Calling back the HYYH era, this song is dedicated to ARMY.

Similarly, he has “Young Forever” tattoos on the back of his arms.

When Jimin was in his biggest slump, he revealed that he would listen to a video of the crowd singing the sentimental song to feel better.

Next, the “13” on his wrist represents BTS’s debut date, year, and his birthday.

Netizens are beyond impressed with Jimin’s selection of meaningful tattoos. “It’s nice to see a lot of them related to BTS,” a fan comments, understanding just how important BTS is to Jimin.

Additionally, he has the phases of his moon from his neck to his waist…


…and BTS’s friendship “7” tattoo on his finger.

BTS’s song “Nevermind” is also written across his ribs.

Whether they are a fan of tattoos or not, many netizens think Jimin’s charming and dainty tattoos suit him perfectly.

  • “Wow but those aren’t overdone and it’s pretty..”
  • “It’s not too much and they look harmonious”
  • “They are all small and “well-decorated” on his body, all the tattoos are pretty…”
  • “It suits him and they’re prettily done”
  • “Jiminie’s tattoos are just like him, charmingly done and small… cute”

Jimin’s cool and meaningful ink is a perfect match for him!

Source: Instiz