BTS’s Jimin Teases Jin For “Scaring” Him On His First Day Being A Trainee

Jin wasn’t impressed by Jimin?

The BTS members sure do love teasing each other, as it seems that nobody disses the members better than themselves.

During an episode of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Jimin hilariously teased Jin for “scaring” him on his first day at Big Hit Entertainment.

It began when the cast members of the show asked Jimin if he was popular as a dancer in his hometown before he debuted. Jimin surprised the cast members when he stated that he wasn’t even the slightest bit popular pre-debut.

Jimin also shocked the cast members when he revealed that he struggled with dancing as a trainee. He even admitted that he almost didn’t debut in BTS because of how different K-Pop choreographies were from the type of dancing he learned.

The cast members were surprised by how humble by Jimin was, and asked Jin if he was always like this. Jin ended up praising Jimin for how incredibly humble he is and gave everyone a laugh when he said that he was the exact opposite of Jimin.

The cast members were then curious about what Jin thought of Jimin’s dancing when Jimin first became a trainee.

Before Jin could even say a word, Jimin teased Jin by talking about how scary he was when he first met him.

He (Jin) saw me and said that I was going to get fired.

— Jimin

Jin ended up denying the statements and told the cast members that he could be in trouble by Jimin’s fans if this were to air, which gave everyone a good laugh.

Here’s the full video below!