This Touching Moment Between Jimin And A Crying Fan Will Warm Your Heart

When Jimin noticed a crying fan, he said something that touched all ARMYs’ hearts.

Many ARMYs say that BTS‘s Jimin is an angel on earth, and he proves it every time he takes care of his fans.


Those who have been lucky enough to meet this kind-hearted idol in person never forget it.


His warmth and sincerity leave a lasting impression…


…that give fans comfort whenever they’re struggling.


At a 2018 concert, one touching moment between Jimin and a fan was captured on camera. During “Love Myself”, the last song BTS performed at the  show, Jimin noticed a crying fan.


He said to the fan, “Don’t cry. Smile. I love you.”, which probably made the fan cry even more!


This short but has a special place in many fans hearts, and ARMYs are still sharing it on Twitter to this day.