BTS Toyed With Jimin’s Heart And He Just Couldn’t Take It

They tricked Jimin over, and over, and over again.

BTS‘s Jimin is so squishable and sweet that ARMY wants to protect him from the world. Sometimes though, “the world” is his own members!


In Episode 85 of Run BTS!, the members played a manito game where they exchanged presents. Their presents ranged from gag gifts to thoughtful keepsakes, but BTS also gave something to ARMY: the gift of laughter!


A lot of that laughter came at Jimin’s expense and, unsurprisingly, Jin started it. He walked toward Jimin with a gift…


…then psyched him out at the last second!


Poor Mochi. He had no idea that this “Trick Jimin Party” was just getting started.


Jimin looked hopeful when V retrieved his gift, but it was a package of lies wrapped in more lies. V tricked Jimin and J-Hope at the same time!


Jimin begged his members to stop teasing him. So, they didn’t.


RM toyed with Jimin’s heart…


…and Jungkook did too!


Finally, after being tricked four times, Jimin finally got his gift. It was well worth the wait.


J-Hope gave Jimin a specially made album for “Promise”, complete with jacket photos and a personalized message.


After being deceived so many times, Jimin deserved his happy ending!