BTS Reveals The Story Behind V’s “Winter Bear” Cover Art

This is how V’s “Winter Bear” photo came to be.

Every part of “Winter Bear”, is deeply personal, and so is its beautiful cover art.


On August 9, BTS‘s V released “Winter Bear”, a soulful English-language track with a self-directed music video. In the MV, V takes in the beauty of the world around him and sings soulfully to listeners.


V has not shared the story behind his lyrics yet, but “Winter Bear” must be very special to him because he has tied several important parts of his life to it. He released the song on the third anniversary of “I Purple You” and wrote his photographer/artist signature, Vante, into the title.


This cover art also had a special story behind it.


In Episode 85 of Run BTS!, the members played a manito game where they exchanged presents. Many of the presents were gag gifts, but Jimin‘s was sentimental.


At the time of filming, “Winter Bear” had not been released, but V had shared it with his members. Jimin fell in love completely in love with it and he showed it by giving V two bear figurines.


These are the same bears V used in his cover art!


V was completely touched by Jimin’s thoughtfulness…


…and so is ARMY! Now “Winter Bear” is even more meaningful.