BTS’s Jimin Reveals What Happened When He Tried Studying With His Friends… And It’s Extremely Relatable

While Jimin was an excellent student, he also knew how to have fun!

BTS‘s Jimin was an excellent student. He entered high school as the top student in his class.

Jimin also was class president and vice president several times.

While Jimin was a great student, he also had some moments where he “ignored” his studies for a bit!

BTS’s Jimin

A fan told Jimin and J-Hope that they were studying at a coffee shop in a live broadcast. J-Hope shared that he tried this when he was a student, but he couldn’t focus since he often thought to himself if he was there to study or drink coffee.

J-Hope prefers more quiet places so that he can focus.

Jimin then shared that he once went to a coffee shop to study, but he ended up just eating snacks and then went home!

Jimin didn’t even open a book when he was at the coffee shop and even placed his dishes on his books!

Jimin also shared that there were times where he and his friends promised to go to a study room, but they ended up playing tag on the rooftop of the study room!

Jimin sure had an exciting life as a student!

Source: Naver Live