BTS’s Jimin Took Care Of V Without Him Even Noticing

This sweet moment is making fans love Jimin even more.

Jimin loves his BTS members and he shows it by taking care of them…


…even while they’re asleep!


Like a bedtime fairy, Jimin flutters in to send them off to the land of dreams. While BTS were on tour, Jimin checked on each member and wished them goodnight before going to sleep.


He also helped Jungkook get comfy by giving him a pillow and a blanket, in season 1 of Bon Voyage.


Years later, the bedtime fairy is still on the job. In the latest episode of BTS’s docu-series, Bring The Soul, BTS travels from one destination to the next for their Love Yourself world tour. On the plane, Jimin asked the flight attendant for a blanket…


…so that he could tuck his “Winter Bear” V into hibernation.


Night or day, Jimin’s members can always count on him to be there for them!


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