BTS’s Jimin Once Tried To Talk About His Dreams… But V Playfully Ignored Him

The members laughed when V “ignored” Jimin.

BTS‘s Jimin and V are best friends, and they love teasing each other! One time, V decided to ignore Jimin playfully.

BTS’s Jimin (Left) & V (Right)

During a Q&A fansign, V was taking some time to select his questions. After V picked his questions, the members teased him a little for how long he took.

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One of the questions V picked was, “What dream did you have last night? I’m sad when you guys can’t sleep.”

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V answered the question by saying that he usually doesn’t have any dreams and passed the question to the members. V then got teased a little by the members, as they were “surprised” that this was one of the questions he took so long to pick.

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The members then gave a similar answer to V, as they said that they usually don’t have a dream.

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Jimin, however, is a bit different as he has dreams often. When Jimin said this, V jokingly ignored him and moved onto the next question. After V did this, the members couldn’t help but laugh. Jimin didn’t seem to mind, as he said, “Okay, we’ll move on.”

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Just another moment in Jimin and V’s playful friendship!

BTS’s V (Left) & Jimin (Right)

Here’s the full video below!