10 Times BTS’s V And Jimin Were Sassy AF To Each Other

These “Friends” show their love by bickering like crazy.

Like the song says, BTS‘s Jimin and are “Friends” for life, but they bicker like nobody’s business. Here are 10 times Jimin and V were sassy AF to each other!

1. When Jimin pointed out V’s stinky breath in front of millions of fans

No mint means no cuddles!

2. “Do you think you’re the king because you’re pretty?”

V referenced a viral meme of a little girl and a little boy when Jimin copied his Oreo McFlurry.

3. This sibling “fight”

While shooting a mini K-Drama for Run BTS!, Jimin suddenly “attacked” V for leaving ‘trash’ in his room…

…and, like any true sibling, V defended himself.

They argued without getting anywhere…

…until their “older brother” RM ended their fight with a single shout.

4. When V told Jimin he needed speech lessons…

5. …and Jimin made fun of V’s accent

6. That time Jimin screamed at V for not wearing his shoes properly

7. Speaking of shoes, V ordered Jimin to fetch his…

8. …so Jimin kicked it into oblivion

9. When they fought nonstop during this Run BTS! photo mission

10. “Seriously, I am going to unfriend you.”