BTS’s Jimin And V Had A “Fight” That All Siblings Can Relate To

Their bickering about the little things was 100% relatable.

Siblings. Whether you love them or hate them, you’re stuck with them for life. Even the most compatible siblings can get into arguments just like the one BTS‘s V and Jimin had.


In Episode 74 of Run BTS!, the members transformed into actors to film their very own K-Drama. To complete their mission, they had to successfully film their scenes within an allotted amount of time.


In some scenes, the members argued about various little things. The Behind Scene for this episode gives viewers a better look at Jimin and V’s “fight”, and it’s absolutely hilarious.


Jimin suddenly “attacked” V for leaving ‘trash’ in his room…


…and, like any true sibling, V defended himself.


They argued without getting anywhere…


…until their “older brother” RM ended their fight with a single shout.


Shoutout to all older brothers and sisters for keeping the kids in line!