K-Drama Director Jungkook Went Full Sass On Jimin

He acted like a “real director” on set.

Director Jungkook is back, and he’s ruling his film set with an iron fist!


At a fansign Q&A last month, Jungkook was asked to cast his members in classic K-Drama roles. In Episode 73 of Run BTS!, he finally got the opportunity to direct a BTS drama…of sorts.


Each member was given lines from popular K-Dramas to re-enact, and Jungkook acted as a director during Jimin‘s turn. Jimin told Jungkook to act like a real director. This was a mistake.


Jungkook used his director authority as an excuse to use informal speech with Jimin.


Not only that, he bossed his actor around…


…and criticized his failures!


Jungkook definitely isn’t the easiest director to work with, but ARMYs couldn’t love him more!