BTS’s Jungkook Cast His Members In K-Drama Roles And It’s Accurate AF

A fan asked Jungkook to cast his members in a drama, so he did.

Director Jungkook has just cast his first would-be K-Drama, starring none other than BTS.


On April 21, BTS hosted a fun Q&A at their Aladin fan sign. One fan-submitted question asked Jungkook to cast his members in a K-Drama.


Jungkook chose RM as the “Mom’s friend’s son”, who gets bragged about because he excels at everything.


J-Hope was cast as RM’s “bright friend”…


…who burst out laughing when Jungkook named Suga as RM’s “rival”. According to Jungkook, Suga would be competing to take RM’s number one spot in school.


Jin would be the (absolute best!) “teacher”…


…and, like RM, Jimin would make a very believable, brag-worthy son!


After Jungkook cast as the school’s rebel…


…Jin demanded to know why he is the only “old one” in the drama!


As for Jungkook, he would be working behind the scenes as the show’s director.


A BTS K-Drama directed by Jungkook? We’d love to see it someday! In the meantime, check out what else happened at the fan sign, including Jungkook’s new ranking of BTS’s visuals and Jin’s adorable, shy moment.