Jungkook Re-Ranked BTS’s Visuals And The Results May Surprise You

A fan asked Jungkook to rank visuals at BTS’s Aladin fan sign.

Jungkook recently re-ranked BTS‘s visuals, and the results were much different than last time!


On April 21, BTS answered fan-submitted questions at their Aladin fan sign. One fan asked Jungkook to rank himself within BTS’s visual lineup.


It’s been a long time since BTS were asked to rank each other’s looks. In the past, Jungkook had fun teasing Jimin by putting him in last place every time.


This time, however, Jimin placed first…


…and the look on his face says it all. Finally, after all these years, he is number one!


Jungkook put himself in last place, and he decided to be considerate of his members by only picking the top two visuals.


RM‘s dashing good looks could have scored him second place on their own, but he wasn’t taking any chances. He won by bribing Jungkook with his English teaching skills!


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