Jin Got Embarrassed While Answering A Question At BTS’s Fan Sign

“Shy Jin” made an appearance at BTS’s Aladin fan sign.

BTS‘s Jin showed his shy side at a recent fan sign, and one of his members couldn’t help pointing it out.


When we think “shy”, Jin typically isn’t the first member who comes to mind, but RM recently named Jin as BTS’s shyest member in an interview.


Even though Jin is outgoing and dramatic, he tends to get embarrassed when he becomes the center of attention when he’s unprepared for it. This is more or less what happened at BTS’s Aladin fan sign, on April 21.


During the fan sign, BTS answered questions submitted to them by fans. One fan wanted to know if Jin would be releasing a new cover song any time soon. When RM read the question, he said that Jin may be working on a self-composed song at the moment.


RM and Jimin teased Jin by questioning him about whether or not this is true, saying that they should drop hints for ARMY.


As RM and Jimin did this, Jin’s ears turned red and Suga was quick to point it out!


Even though Jin was taken off guard, he recovered quickly and told fans that he will work on finishing his self-composed song before doing a new cover song.


Check out the whole Q&A here: