RM Named BTS’s Shyest Member And It’s Not Who We Were Expecting

RM revealed BTS’s shyest member in a new interview.

BTS recently revealed their shyest member, and it’s taking many fans by surprise.


Some might say the shyest member is Jungkook, who can be reserved around new people until he gets his bearings.


Others might say it’s the sweet and bashful Jimin, who is easily flustered by fans’ compliments.


It could even be the naturally introverted Suga.


The point is, when we think “shy” and “BTS”, the first member who comes to mind definitely isn’t Jin. He’s Worldwide Handsome, the man who blew a thousand air kisses and won millions of hearts with his theatrical personality!


Surprisingly though, that’s who RM chose as BTS’s shyest member.

RM: Jin

Jin: Me? 


On April 16, BTS tweeted out this preview of an upcoming interview with Apple Music‘s Brooke Reese. In it, BTS answered quick questions, including “who is the shyest member?”.


Many fans were just as surprised as Jin was to find out he’s the shy one.


Others have pointed out that Jin has worked hard to come out of his shell to entertain himself and everyone around him.


Shy Jin, Bold Jin, Extra Jin — we stan them all!


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