That Time BTS’s V Held A “Friend” Hostage To Bring Jimin Home

V gave Jimin a hilarious incentive to drop everything and hang out with him.

Do you need a laugh today? Then sit back, relax, and listen to this touching story of friendship…and hostage situations.

Some fans who became ARMYs within the last few years might have missed out on BTS’s wildest Twitter moments from their early days.

One of these moments involves a Hip Hop Monster. These huggable plushies were based on BTS’s first webtoon, Hip Hop Monster, and like BT21, they were modeled after each BTS member.

Back in 2015, V took Jimin’s Hip Hop Monster hostage to bring Jimin home to BTS’s dorm.  He tweeted these photos of himself pointing a finger gun at Jimin’s doll. The caption says, “Come home.” 

Seven minutes later, V tweeted another photo to hurry Jimin up. “Hurry up and come home, or I’m going to draw nipples,” he wrote.

In the end, Jimin came home (eventually) and the plushie was spared from harm (mostly).

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On January 22, 2015, a couple of days after the “hostage” situation, Jimin and V posted this photo. A lot has changed since 2015, but their friendship is forever!

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