BTS’s Jimin Just Couldn’t Take His Members Seriously On The Red Carpet

Some of the members took the red carpet very, very seriously. Jimin just couldn’t.

BTS‘s Jimin was all giggles at the Grammys’ red carpet, thanks to his members.


On April 9, BangtanTV uploaded a 32-minute behind the scenes video about BTS’s experience at the 2019 Grammy Awards. The video shows BTS practicing their English answers for interviews, prepping with their style team, and reacting to Grammy performances.



It also shows BTS being flocked by photographers as soon as they step onto the red carpet.


What this video doesn’t show, however, is a hilarious behind-behind the scenes moment when Jimin reacts to and Jin‘s model poses. As soon as Jimin saw what his members were doing, he burst out laughing!


When Jin and V approached him and RM after their photo op, Jimin laughed so hard that he briefly disappeared from view.


This clip of Jimin’s reaction has been floating around for a while but up until now, nobody knew what he was reacting to. Now we know! Check out the whole moment here: