BTS’s Jimin And Jungkook Showed Great Respect To A Grandma ARMY At A Concert

An elderly fan caught their eye.

BTS‘s members are well-mannered gentlemen to people of all ages, but they are especially polite to their elders!

Whether it’s at an event or behind the scenes, the members show the utmost respect and kindness to seniors. Back in BTS’s rookie days, Suga sweetly listened to this elderly woman…

…and gave her the softest hug.

At a concert, was spotted reaching into the crowd to shake hands with a senior ARMY.

When BTS performs, they are surrounded by a sea of ARMYs illuminated by thousands of lightsticks. Between the number of fans, the stage lights, and everything that’s happening on the stage, it’s a wonder that the members can notice a single ARMY in the audience, but that’s exactly what happened for one elderly fan.

At a concert last year, a fancam captured Jungkook twirling around near the stage’s edge.

When he spotted a grandmother in the crowd, he paused to bow to her while flashing his sweetest smile.

Like Jungkook, Jimin also took a moment to bow directly to the elderly fan. He went from waving to the whole audience to creating this special moment with her.

Note to self: take Grandma to the next BTS show!