BTS’s Jimin And V Might Be Besties, But They Have One Major Difference: The Way They Sneeze

Why is V like this 😂

Anyone who knows BTS to some degree, knows that Jimin and V have a very close, loving, and adorable friendship.

They have the kind of relationship with each other that most people crave, and not everyone is lucky enough to have!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Some have even gone so far as to call the two soulmates, and we don’t disagree with that sentiment.

While the two have a lot in common, there is one thing that fans have noticed Jimin and V do very differently: How they sneeze.

While Jimin’s sneezes tend to be “tiny”, which suit his cute and adorable personality…

… V’s are impossible to miss, with how loud, dramatic, and practically explosive they are 😂

He once even turned a sneeze into singing, which is just downright creative.

When putting the two’s sneezes in the same video, the difference becomes even more obvious!

You can even watch a whole video comparing the two BTS members’ sneezes here 🤣

Are you more like Jimin or more like V when you sneeze? 😂