BTS’s Jimin And V Star In Their Own, Dramatic “Bon Voyage” Movie

Cameras captured this precious (and snowy!) “Vmin” moment.

Fans are falling in love with Jimin and V‘s friendship all over again!


On November 19, BTS released Episode 1 of their travel-reality show, Bon Voyage 4. In it, the members arrive in wintry New Zealand for their annual trip abroad.


Shortly after the episode went live, “Vmin” trended on Twitter, thanks to a precious moment of peak purity. While the other members were scooping up snow, Jimin and V ran to each other…


…fell to the ground, hugging…


…and rolled around in the snow! Like the show’s captions said, these 95 liners were filming their own, dramatic movie!


Consider this your daily dose of wholesomeness!