Even BTS’s Own Weverse App Can’t Handle ARMY’s Power

Weverse’s odds of survival were zero, when Bon Voyage 4 dropped.

ARMY“. This word strikes fear into the digital hearts of apps, websites, and retailers — for good reason.


When BTS‘s massive fandom bands together, nobody’s ever ready for it. They may think they’re ready, but no. Servers will crash, products will sell out (for months, and months…), and error messages will pop up like white flags of surrender. Even BTS’s own app can’t handle ARMY!


On November 19, BTS released Season 4 of their travel-reality show, Bon Voyage, on Weverse. As soon as Episode 1 went live, ARMYs flooded the app, and the poor thing didn’t stand a chance.


Once again, ARMY’s love for BTS was just too much!

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