BTS’s V Invited ARMY To Play Games With Him…And The App Crashed

V invited ARMY to play an online guessing game.

Playtime with BTS‘s V? Say no more. ARMY‘s ready to game!


On October 10, BTS arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for their upcoming Speak Yourself concert. Aside from rehearsals, the members are making the most of their pre-concert time in different ways.


Approximately 3 hours before Jungkook tweeted his new gym selfie, V went on a Weverse posting spree. “Should we play games,” he wrote.


He invited ARMY to play a Weverse version of Catchmind, a game that’s similar to Pictionary. Players have to guess what another player is drawing.


To kick things off, V posted a screenshot of himself using the Korean app Sketch Quiz (스케치 퀴즈) under the username “Tannie’s Friend”.


He asked ARMY to let him know when they had finished downloading the app…


…and they crashed it.




Once the app uncrashed itself, V drew this sketch and ARMY tried to guess what it is.


Answer? Polite hands!


Next, he drew this. What is it? The Eiffel Tower!


“When everyone sees the same place, take a different view (Eiffel Tower),” he wrote.


Fans had fun playing with V, and they can’t wait to see him on stage again. BTS perform at King Fahd International Stadium on October 11.