The Way BTS’s Jimin Protects V On Stage Is Easy To Miss But Impossible To Forget

He goes the extra mile.

Like their song “Friends” says, BTS‘s Jimin and aren’t just friends — they’re “soulmates.”

BTS Jimin (left) and V (right)

Stay, hey, you are my soulmate

— “Friends” lyrics

Despite being opposites in many ways, these two have overcome their differences and formed an unbreakable bond. Whether it’s on stage or behind the scenes, Jimin and V are totally in tune with each other…

…which can prevent mishaps.

BTS’s intense and complex choreography requires a high level of awareness. Every member needs to know exactly where the others are to stay in perfect formation and avoid injuries.

This is especially true for BTS’s “Idol” choreography. One accidental kick to the head could lead to a concussion or worse…

..but not on Jimin’s watch! Eagle-eyed fans have noticed how, during the “Idol” chorus, Jimin always looks to his right, checking how close he is to V before he kicks.

Jimin might check his spacing as a precaution, but this fan has a different theory!

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