BTS’s Jimin Has Been Waiting To Reunite With ARMY And Shares His Excitement On Weverse

Jimin is such a sweetheart 🥰

BTS‘s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Los Angeles, California are in full swing and no one is happier than BTS and ARMY!

The two have finally reunited back where they are the happiest, and that’s together, in a stadium, singing and dancing along to BTS’s music.

Every member shared their heartbreak over having to cancel their last world tour, and with the uncertainty of when the day would come where they would get to see ARMY face to face again, all of the members had to work to keep a positive outlook during the pandemic.

Now that the time has come, the members couldn’t be more excited! BTS has been more active than ever on Weverse, VLIVE, and Twitter and ARMYs are living for it.

| Jimin/Weverse

Jimin posted to his Weverse moments a few hours after the second day of their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert with a picture of what looks to be a concert slogan/banner.

The wait has come to an end,

and we have finally met again.

—Jimin, Weverse Moment

Concert banners are usually handed out at the entrance as ARMYs head toward their seats. Each concert will have a different slogan on their banner, and the slogans are usually pretty meaningful for each concert.

ARMYs were quick to remember that Jimin had been thinking about this slogan since their 2021 FESTA Army Shop of Everything.

Jimin has always shown that he can be sentimental, but that doesn’t stop ARMYs’ hearts from melting every. single. time.

Let’s all bask in the glow of BTS’s heartwarming happiness! 💜

“the wait has come to an end, and we have finally met again.” | @dalto5813/Twitter