BTS’s Jin Is Giving BFF Vibes With His Weverse Post

*Worldwide Handsome has entered the chat* 💬

BTS‘s highly anticipated PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California has been a hot topic for ARMYs leading up to the first show this past weekend.

| @Jeon_cooky_twt/Twitter

As this was the first in person stadium concert since their last world tour was cancelled, it was a big night for both BTS and ARMY alike. Thousands of lights from the ARMY bombs lit up the stadium, giving everyone a dreamy view of the concert from nearly any seat in the crowd.

Now it’s no secret that BTS is usually active on VLIVE and Weverse right after and before their shows. We got a VMINKOOK (V, Jimin, Jungkook subunit) VLIVE, and several Weverse posts from Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin!

Jin even shared pictures of his hair tied in a ribbon looking adorable as ever and took to Weverse again a couple hours before their second concert for PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE.

| Jin/Weverse

I must’ve been tired yesterday, the puffiness in my face isn’t letting up..

—Jin, Weverse

Please note that he used a word that means tired in a physically exerted way rather than a sleepy tired type of way.

We can’t get over the way he shares this random tidbit. It’s almost like you’re talking to your best friend over text!

| @FeeerKTH31/Twitter

We’re sure that even with the puffiness, Worldwide Handsome (Jin’s nickname) is still just as handsome as ever—we know Anderson .Paak’s wife definitely thought so!

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