BTS’s Jimin And Wonho Both Wore Crop Tops But Served Completely Different Vibes

Do you have a look you prefer?

BTS‘s Jimin and solo artist Wonho are two artists not afraid of trying out new looks and concepts.

BTS’s Jimin

The two artists have experimented with numerous looks, including facial piercings…


…and looks that could be considered gendered. Along the same lines, the two have also worn crop tops numerous times!

 | @acnatac/Twitter

In recent years, Wonho’s image has become that of a hunky but sweet heartthrob with no problem showing off his hard-earned muscles.  Before his military enlistment, the star could often be seen posing shirtless, even appearing in Calvin Klein ads.

| Calvin Klein
| Calvin Klein

The star also showed off his abs in numerous crop tops during concerts, photoshoots, and album promotions!

| Highline Entertainment

Jimin has worn crop tops on different occasions, serving both angelic…

…and sexy styles.

Both look fantastic in crop tops, but do you have a favorite look?


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