BTS’s Jimin Has The Cutest Habit When It Comes To His Belongings

This is so precious — and clever!

BTS‘s Jimin has an adorable habit that only observant ARMY will notice.

Fans have noticed Jimin’s name is written on many of his belongings.

| Nate Pann

From inside his clothing…

| @Invictus1013/Twitter

…to on his slides, everything his carefully labeled.

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

This is to prevent his things from getting mixed up with the other members’ belongings.

| Nate Pann

Some of it may be written by stylists to neatly categorize which items belong to Jimin.

| Nate Pann

No items are safe from the adorable labeling. Even the bottoms of shoes are adorned with his name!

| @lookatmin2013/Twitter

Not only is it totally cute, but it may become a new spotting game for ARMY.

| @Invictus1013/Twitter

How many objects can you find labeled with his name?

| @whiteshadow_jm/Twitter

The clever idea to keep track of his things is totally adorable. Being cute just comes naturally to Jimin!