BTS Jimin’s Caring And Genuine Personality Stems From His Loving Relationship With His Family

Like father like son.

Fans of BTS’s Jimin know just how sweet and caring he is towards his family, fans, and members. This genuine and thoughtful personality however, doesn’t just come out of nowhere! If we take a look at the interaction and relationship he has with his family, you will be able to see just where he gets his loving personality from.

Here is he talking on the phone with his father and the conversation they have is not how a typical Korean father and son would have. They talk to one another in a sweet voice as his father asks him if he has any seaweed while Jimin tells his father to take care of himself and to eat well.

After he ends the call, Jimin is seen smiling as his father will be sending more seaweed to him regardless of them already having a lot with them.

In an interview with acquaintances of Jimin and his family, they talk about their encounters with the Park family.

What kind of dad is Jimin’s father?

In one word, he is a really nice person. He stays humble even though his son is a world star. For lunch, he eats very normal $3-$5 lunches. He also still donates to the education office for students as well. I’ve heard that he does a lot good deeds very quietly.

Do you hear about Jimin sometimes?

I do hear news about Jimin from time to time. When he visits Busan, I heard that he still meets up with his old friends and has a great relationship with them.

What kind of child was Jimin?

When he was younger, he was a very quiet child. But when there were big events at school, he would show off his skills on stage. But on a daily basis, he was a quiet and calm child.

What are Jimin’s parents like?

From what I’ve heard, Jimin’s father would not only take Jimin but also his friends on picnics and was a really sweet and loving dad. I think because of this he was able to become such an influential figure.

In this clip, you can hear Jimin on the phone with his mother.

Jimin: Yes mom. I’ll come back well. I am at the airport now. Yes, mom you eat well too. Okay~

The sweet and loving manner in which he talks to his mother also shows just how much love he received while growing up.

In letters to his parents and brother, he labels his letters with “To my  _____ who I love most in this world.”

Jimin’s father also sends flowers to Jimin every year for his birthday! The clip below shows the flowers he received from his dad for 2016-2018.

How sweet is Jimin’s father?!

He even wrote a letter in English once and showed just how much he loved his son.

In this clip, Jungkook asks Jimin why he looks so much like his dad today. Jimin answers, “I look like him because he is my dad!”

An online community post about a fans’ encounter with Jimin’s dad was so touching that fans were in tears.

“Jimin’s father is so sweet. One fan asked him to share old photos of Jimin and he said you can see them after you marry him.”

With Korea being a culture with more rigid family structures, children and their parents, especially fathers, are not as close with one another. However, Jimin and his father seem to have a super close and loving relationship that truly shines through in Jimin’s personality. Thank you to Jimin’s father for raising such a respectful and kind young man!

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