Jimmy Fallon Confuses Liam Hemsworth For One Of The BTS Members

Liam Hemsworth often gets confused with a few other celebs, but this is probably a first for him.

Jimmy Fallon confused actor Liam Hemsworth with a member of BTS during his recent guest appearance on The Tonight Show. 


The Tonight Show‘s February 6 episode opened with a skit in which Jimmy Fallon and Liam Hemsworth meet while waiting for an elevator.


At first, Jimmy Fallon mistakes The Hunger Games star for two stars he is commonly confused with: his famous brothers, Avengers actor Christopher Hemsworth and Westworld actor Luke Hemsworth. In return, Liam Hemsworth mistakes Jimmy Fallon for Jim Parsons, star of The Big Bang Theory. From there, things just get weirder.

“Yeah, sorry. That’s actually my brother, Chris…”

— Liam Hemsworth


Jimmy Fallon confuses Liam Hemsworth with Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, the Patriots‘ quarterback, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, his own father, and…a member of BTS! Which member? He didn’t specify, but perhaps it was his unofficial favorite BTS member, Jimin?

“Member of BTS?”

— Jimmy Fallon


Fans loved the adorable rapport Jimmy Fallon had with his name “brother” Jimin, when BTS appeared on the show in 2018.


To find out which other celebrity names were dropped, check out the whole skit here.