Jin Did The Most Adorkable Aegyo And BTS’s Reactions Were Priceless

Jin did some super cute aegyo for ARMY at BTS’s comeback special.

When BTS‘s Jin does aegyo, nobody can handle it — not even his members!


On April 18, BTS performed “Dionysus”, “Boy With Luv”, and “Make It Right” for their MCountdown comeback special. They also took some time to chat with ARMY.


During this mini fan meeting, Jin created an acrostic poem for ARMY to express his love for them.


Jin ended the poem with the cutest aegyo ever…


…and his members all had very different reactions to it.


RM crouched down laughing, while Suga looked totally embarrassed on Jin’s behalf.


J-Hope cracked up, but V seemed too stunned to move!


Jungkook and Jimin couldn’t have loved it more…


…but nobody’s reaction was better than Jin’s!


Check out what else happened at the comeback special here and watch the fan meeting below.


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