BTS’s RM Is Making Mortals Bow Down With His Godly “Dionysus” Power

RM’s powerful performance is making fans lose their minds.

BTS‘s RM has just upgraded his status from “king” to Greek “god”!


On April 18, BTS performed “Dionysus” for the first time on Mnet‘s MCountdown. Like the song, the members’ outfits, set, and props were all inspired by Greek mythology and the god of wine making, Dionysus.


Fans were unprepared for the sheer power RM brought to the stage. He made an unforgettable entrance wearing a toga-inspired cape…


…and wielding Dionysus’s thyrsus.


His every move demanded attention…


…and fans were more than happy to give it!


Check out more of Greek god RM in BTS’s “Dionysus” stage here: