BTS’s Jin Drops By Weverse And Asks ARMYs To Be Respectful At The Airport

Jin doesn’t want anyone getting hurt.

BTS‘s Jin is a frequent visitor on Weverse, where he responds to ARMYs’ comments and engages in open communication with the fans. During his latest reply-athon, Jin supported a fan’s comment asking fellow ARMYs to be more respectful at the airport.


As the fan mentions in the comment, BTS did face quite a crowd when they arrived at the Incheon International Airport from Helsinki, Finland on November 16, 2019 KST. The fan pointed out, “the way BTS look so exhausted as they get in the car should tell ARMYs something.”

I think we ARMYs need to be more respectful at airport arrivals and departures. I feel like for BTS, the flight is less of a stress than the walking-through-the-airport part. Today’s arrival was embarrassing too… As superstar BTS’s fans, we need to be superstar ARMYs too. The way they seemed so exhausted as they get in the car should tell us something. It breaks my heart. BTS did tell us before that they always worry about us getting hurt at the airport… So let’s be respectful and orderly people, please.



To this, Jin added a response. While playful in tone to lighten the mood, Jin agreed that ARMYs should be more careful so they don’t hurt themselves and others at the airport.

You’re right. Pushing can lead to getting hurt. Seokjinnie could get ouchie.

— Jin


With Seokjinnie‘s friendly reminder, airport-bound ARMYs are promising to better behave themselves!


Here’s BTS’s latest arrival at ICN:

Source: THEQOO