BTS’s Jin Reveals How He Feels About His Looks With Facial Hair

Does he like the Worldwide beard?

BTS‘s Jin once revealed whether or not he thinks he looks good with facial hair.

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Fans got to see him rock the unkempt look during Agust D’s music video, “Daechwita.”

His hilarious cameo gave him a whole new look, including a beard and mustache.

However, Jin once revealed during a live broadcast that he has strong feelings about himself with a beard.

When he saw himself with facial hair on set, he was completely convinced of one thing.

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I shouldn’t have a beard!

— Jin

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It’s rare to ever hear Jin feeling less than confident in his looks…

…especially when he looks this good!

However, since Jin doesn’t like the look on himself, ARMYs won’t be seeing it from him anytime soon.

It’s okay — He already does a great job rocking the clean-shaven look!

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