BTS Jin’s Brother Uploads A Witty Post After Jin Shares How He Plans To Spend His Prize Money

We need more Kim brother interactions!

BTS made a guest appearance on tvN’s You Quiz On The Block for a 100-minute special for the 99th episode. After winning a game, Jin took the prize money from Jo Se Ho and put it in his pocket right away.

| Weverse

He later posted a selfie on Weverse and revealed that he kept the prize money for himself because no one asked for it. When a fan asked how he would spend the money, Jin replied, “I’m saving it until I have enough money to bathe in it.”

After seeing his post, Jin’s older brother Kim Seok Jung took to Instagram to say a few words. His brother also posted a photo of a bath tub that had a few coins thrown it it.

Hello this is Kim Bowing man. Although I named myself, why is it the Bowing man and not Iron man or Batman or something. I guess this proves why people should think again before taking action. A lot of things happened today. Trivial little things became news; I guess my hyung (Jin) is pretty famous. But considering his fame, it’s quite funny as the younger brother to see him trying to take a bath with twenty 50,000 KRW bills. I’ve collected more than him so I’m off to take a bath. Thanks for enjoying the story and have a good day.

⁠— Kim Seok Jung

| @kimseokjung90/Instagram

His brother’s witty post had fans falling over laughter as they couldn’t get enough of the Kim brothers!

We totally need more Kim brother interactions!


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