BTS’s “Worldwide Handsome” Jin Finally Got Caught Slipping

A hilarious, rare moment was caught on camera.

BTS‘s Jin isn’t just handsome; he’s Worldwide Handsome. It’s a 24/7 job, and he never takes a day off.


As ARMY likes to say, you’ll never catch Jin slipping.  Whether it’s a candid photo or a paused-at-the-wrong-time video clip…

BTS performing on Good Morning America.

…Jin is always on his game.

For years, cameras have tried to capture his less flattering moments…

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…and failed miserably.

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Finally, we have photographic evidence that Worldwide Handsome is human after all! In a behind-the-scenes MEMORIES OF 2020 clip, BTS burst out laughing while reviewing MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 concept photos.

In one shot, Jin was yawning like a lion! “Guys, do you really need to look at it?” Jin asked, trying to dissuade his members.

Try as he might, they wouldn’t look away. “Is he from Munch’s painting?” RM teased. He was referring to Edvard Munch‘s famous 1893 painting, “The Scream.”

“Guys, don’t you all yawn?” Jin asked, smiling. Yes, we all yawn, but that doesn’t make this “slip-up” any less funny!

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