Every BTS Member Has Picked Up This Cheesy Habit, Thanks To Jin

Jin has passed this quirk down to each of the younger members.

BTS have been together for more than six years, so it’s not surprising that their habits have started to rub off on each other. This is especially true of Jin, whose larger than life personality charms everyone around him.


Jin’s humor and theatricality are infectious. His punny jokes, wild gestures, and quick wit never fail to steal the show, but if there’s one habit he’s known for it’s his flying kisses!


Jin blows kisses to fans whenever he finds the opportunity, and his members can’t help following in his footsteps. RM










…and even Suga have sent out flying kisses, Jin-style!


The members often blow these kisses to Jin himself…


…or put their own spins on it.


No one will ever master the art of flying kisses like Jin has…


..but that won’t stop them from trying!


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