Here’s A Closer Look At BTS’s Jin Blowing His Best Air Kiss Yet At 2019 Jingle Ball


On December 6, 2019, BTS shook the house at The Forum in Inglewood, California as the opening performer of KIIS FM’s 2019 Jingle Ball!


While crushing the stage with their bops, like “Mic Drop” and “Boy With Luv”, BTS thoroughly charmed the audience with their amazing vocals, choreography, and visuals.


Speaking of visuals, ARMYs’ one and only Worldwide Handsome Jin made sure everyone got a long, good look at his face…


… with an extra focus on his beautiful plump lips.


While performing “Make It Right”, Jin came to squat in front of the cameras…


… and then blew his biggest kissy face yet…


… leaving ARMYs screaming with eternal bliss and happiness!


Here’s an even more close-up version, because good things deserved to be shared:


Once Jin’s air kiss found its way on Twitter, it led a million ARMYs to run wild with UWU.


Take this to be Jin’s holiday gift to you. Mmmm —


— wah!


Watch the full performance here: