ARMYs Already Know Who Dispatch Would Catch BTS Jin Dating

They already ship this couple.

Dispatch kicked off 2019 by revealing a new celebrity couple (EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie), which has led K-Pop fans to speculate who the next couple could be.

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Although BTS said they have zero time for romantic relationships, if they were to date ARMYs know exactly which idol Dispatch would catch Jin with.

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Jin’s celebrity date would be internationally famous…


…globally beloved…


…and worldwide handsome.


That’s right. Fans think that Jin would be caught dating himself!


Jin has taken BTS’s “love yourself” concept to a whole new extreme. It’s no secret that he is head over heels for himself…


…because Jin compliments himself every chance he gets!


There’s really no match better for Jin than Jin…


…and everyone agrees!


Now the only question is, what should shippers call this handsome couple? JinJin? Jin2? The fandom may need to vote on it.


For more of this “couple”, check out these gorgeous photos here.

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