BTS Jin’s Visuals Strike Again And Now He’s Got One More Nickname To Add To His Collection

Everyone thinks it fits him!

Throughout the years BTS‘s Jin has collected a number of unique nicknames thanks to his playful personality, everyday actions, and ridiculously handsome visuals. Now he’s got one more to add to his list!


In 2015, Jin went viral with his good-looks and was dubbed “The Car Door Guy.”


Then Jin was noticed on the international level at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards when everyone wanted to know who the “Third One From The Left” was.


Of course, shortly after that, he became the one and only “Worldwide Handsome.”


Now he’s taking on a new nickname! Very recently, a Japanese ARMY posted about her experience at a BTS fan meeting. While Jin’s already stunning enough in the pictures, this ARMY said he’s even more amazing in person!


The ARMY gushed over his outstanding visuals, saying his face was the size of a grapefruit and his shoulders were as wide as a tatami mat.

“His face size was the size of a grapefruit but his shoulders were as wide as tatami.”



Tatami mats are a used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. The mats are made in standard sizes where the length is exactly twice the size of the width, roughly 3 feet by 6 feet! Since Jin’s shoulders are pretty wide everyone can understand where the fan was coming from!


The post soon captured the attention of Korean netizens who thought the description was accurate for Jin’s looks since he’s always been known for his wide shoulders and delicate facial features.


And international fans couldn’t help but agree too!


Since then people have started calling him “Grapefruit Tatami.”


Now Jin can boast one more nickname dedicated to his outstanding visuals!