BTS’s Jin Admits He Doesn’t Feel Too Worldwide Handsome In This Hairstyle

He won’t agree, but it’s actually cute AF.

BTS‘s Jin is in love with himself, and so are we rightfully, but in the history of his worldwide handsomeness, there was a time – a dark time, so to speak – when his self-love wasn’t as strong as usual.


It was the era of his “Choppy Bangs” hairstyle. When he first got this look done, when the messy and above-the-eyebrows bangs were trending, Jin couldn’t even bear to look at the camera.


And Jin is usually all about looking at the camera!



Jin was frequently seen trying to fix his hair somehow…


… and failing. Fans loved seeing this panic-y Jin because it showed that, even when he’s so unrealistically good-looking and untouchably perfect, he is human and he sometimes hates his haircuts like do the rest of us.


Jin later admitted that this particular hairstyle did affect his confidence. In fact, he playfully explained that he brought back the choppy bangs, season 2, because he had lost a lot of weight and felt his confidence soaring too high for his own good!

I recently lost some weight and that made me feel really good about the way I look. It gave me a huge confidence boost. So… yeah, I’m kind of in love with myself. But I realized I shouldn’t get too cocky. I need to train myself not to get too conceited… And I  thought that bringing back the choppy bangs is the best way to do so, because I lost the most confidence in my looks when I had this hair.

— Jin


And the hairstyle did keep his confidence in check. Jin was, yet again, unable to make eye contact with the cameras and looked quite unlike himself.

To be honest, I’m so not confident right now. I have the filter on and I’m sitting by the window to get good natural lighting and all.

— Jin


ARMYs have come to love and appreciate Jin in choppy bangs – because it shows his handsome face better without the hair getting in the way. But it looks like Jin will never quite get used to this particular style!

Source: THEQOO