BTS’s Jin Wants To Be Either First Or Last To Wish The Members Happy Birthday

First or last, no in-between!

Recently, BTS’s Jin wished member Suga a happy birthday three months in advance to make sure that no one would steal his thunder!

| Weverse

Yoongi-ah happy birthday! I bet no one is faster than me!

⁠— Jin

He also wished him a happy birthday on Twitter again a day before Suga’s actual birthday, March 9.

It seems like oldest member Jin loves to be first when it comes to celebrating the member’s birthdays!

For RM‘s birthday, he made sure to send his message a day in advance!

Happy birthday Namjoon- from Seokjin hyung (I wished him a happy birthday first yesterday around 2).

⁠— Jin

For Jungkook‘s birthday, he sent him a message three days in advance to secure his spot for number one!

Jin: Jungkook happy birthday! I’m sending this now because I might forget in a few days.
Jungkook: lol thank you.

But if he knows he’s going to be late, he’d rather be last! For V’s birthday, he left a message for him on Weverse a day late.

| Weverse

Happy birthday Taehyung. I was the last one right?

⁠— Jin

Fans that saw this couldn’t help but smile at Jin acting like a total maknae!

  • “I love this even more because he does this with a handsome face.”
  • “He acts like a total maknae but he is reliable like the oldest member.”
  • “Kim Seokjin is a total cutie.”

Honestly, how can we not love our adorable Seokjinnie!

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