BTS’s Jin Explains Why He Gave Up On Getting J-Hope Into Gaming

He tried his best, but it wasn’t enough.

GQ recently asked BTS‘s Jin to list 10 things he can’t live without on their Youtube channel. ARMY, BTS’s official fandom name, was able to get an inside look into the idol’s habits and priorities while traveling around the world.

BTS’s Jin | GQ/YouTube

Some items, like a Minions-themed tennis bag, were chosen by Jin for their rarity. He explained that the big was a limited edition piece, and being a world superstar attracted him to such items.

There were also items that Jin brought for leisure, like a gaming keyboard he kept in handy to use during breaks! He talked about how he started playing games in elementary school, and the hobby has stuck with him ever since.

When asked which other BTS members are talented in gaming, Jin mentioned how V was always good at learning games quickly. There was also a time when some members would find time to play games together, even during their busy schedules.

Although Jin didn’t consider himself particularly good at games, there was still a member he thought was worse than him. That would be J-Hope, who, unlike him, had no interest in games. He was the polar opposite of V since he couldn’t understand games at all.

Jin once tried to get J-Hope more into gaming by making an effort to go over to his house with a bunch of games and showing him how to play them.

But when he returned to check on J-Hope, he found that the game was in the same spot he had left it in! No one can blame him for giving up after that.

All the members of BTS have different interests and hobbies, which is what makes the group so diverse and fun to get to know.

Watch the full interview below. Jin talks about his gaming habits at the 1:08 mark.


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