BTS Jin’s Face Is So Small, Face Masks Can Almost Cover His Whole Face

He has a tiny face.

BTS‘s Jin is known for being Worldwide Handsome, but fans are realizing that not only is his visuals top-tier, but his face is also undeniably small. His face is so small that whenever he wears a face mask, it immediately covers half of his face!

Not only is his face small, but he has wide shoulders. Some fans are saying that he has the body proportions that you only see in comic books. Some ARMYs can’t help but notice how not only is the face small, but his facial features are also sharp.

His neck is also long, which only makes his face look smaller. People are commenting on how perfect he is and how though his visuals are worthy of its praise, his happy-go-lucky attitude and childlike personality is the icing on the cake.