BTS’s Jin Leaves Fans Shook With A “Secret” About His “The Astronaut” Concept Photos

“…my life is a lie” 😂

BTS‘s oldest member Jin made his much-anticipated solo debut with his special solo single, “The Astronaut.”

Recently, behind-the-scenes footage of his album jacket photo shoot was released, where he revealed a surprising fact about one of his key outfits from “The Astronaut” that left fans jokingly questioning everything.

BTS’s Jin at the group’s “Yet To Come in Busan” concert | @jin/Instagram

The song and music video for “The Astronaut” warmed the hearts of fans with its sweet message to ARMYs ahead of Jin’s upcoming military enlistment.

BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” music video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

“The Astronaut” was released with two physical versions with a green option (version 1) and a purple option (version 2) available to choose from.

The two different physical versions of “The Astronaut” | @bts_bighit/Twitter

The purple version featured darker concept images, with Jin dressed in all-black with subtle smokey eyeliner and tousled hair for an edgy look.

The green version featured lighter images of Jin in dreamy boy-next-door fashion.

For “The Astronaut” jacket filming, Jin took fans through the three different concepts in his behind-the-scenes video. He explained that the first look was a darker rock concept, the second was a studious boy-next-door concept, and the final was “bright and mischievous” with a curly hairstyle inspired by American dramas.


The lovable curly hairstyle, which was also featured in “The Astronaut” music video and was a key point to his “bright and mischievous” concept, stole ARMYs’ hearts.

During the behind-the-scenes video for the jacket photoshoot, Jin arrived at the final photoshoot set, where he was taking photos in the lighter concept outfits. When he arrived, he unexpectedly revealed that the curly hair wasn’t his real hair; it was actually a wig.

Fans hilariously reacted to the news, sharing their shock and “disappointment” that the beloved curly hair wasn’t real at the time.

Soon after the video was released, “IT WAS A WIG” began trending on Twitter as ARMYs shared their reactions.

While his real hair was shorter at the time of his photoshoot, it does appear he’s been growing it out since, proving hope is not lost for a curly-haired Jin.

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