BTS Jin’s Fansite Masters Reveal There’s No Need To Edit His Photos Because He’s Just That Flawless

A visual king.

BTS’s Jin is known as ‘worldwide handsome’ and his fan site masters know this first-hand!

While most fan site masters are known to tweak the images for a more refined photo, Jin’s fan site masters have shared numerous unedited raw photos to prove he’s just that flawless!

For these photos from the 2019 Edaily Culture Awards red carpet, the fan site master revealed that there was nothing to edit because the original photo was perfect as-is!

For the 2019 Golden Disc Awards, Jin’s complexion was so flawless there was nothing for the fan site master to do except for a little bit of color correction.

For the 2018 Genie Music Awards, the fan master went with the trend of no editing or correction and posted 100% non-edited photos of Jin online.

How is this even possible though?

For the 2019 Speak Yourself tour in Riyadh, one fan site master just couldn’t believe that these were all original photos that haven’t been touched at all.

These photos just give proof that he truly is ‘worldwide handsome’.

And you can’t forget this legendary non-edited close-up photo of Jin that gained much attention online!

This GIF blew up online as it was the most accurate footage of how Jin looked like in real life!

If this isn’t proof enough for Jin’s visuals, we don’t know what is!