This Version Of BTS Jin’s “FIRE” Is A Whole New Level Of Energy We Should Aspire To Have

Fans love how excited Jin got.

During their most recent fan meeting event in Busan, BTS‘s Jin busted out the moves to “FIRE” – and it was lit AF. Fans are in love with the level of energy he put into it and the look of pure happiness on Jin’s face.

Once the music started playing, Jin didn’t hesitate to let loose. He made sure his moves were on fire too! His extra AF dance break truly proved to the ARMYs that “FIRE” is Jin’s absolute #1 favorite BTS song.

Look at the amount of pure hype and happiness on Jin’s face as he continues to dance to “FIRE”. The ribbons from his shirt fluttering in the air made his movements look even more outrageously energetic than they actually were!

Fans were able to snap Jin living his best life – and the pictures turned out to be some of the happiest-looking Jin in the history of BTS!

The two-day Busan leg of BTS’s 5th Muster “Magic Shop” fan meeting event ends June 16, 2019 and the members reunite with fans in Seoul on June 22 – 23, 2019. ARMYs are thrilled to see BTS up close and personal – and even catch moments like Jin’s fire performance of “FIRE”!

Source: THEQOO